Would you like to work in an attractive centre for business located in unique surroundings? @see combines a liveable work environment with attractive job prospects in large industrial enterprises and small innovative start-ups.

A wide range of employers

The region is home to a large number of companies active in a wide range of industries that offer plenty of opportunities to make use of your professional skills and further strengthen them.

Family-friendly entrepreneurs

Many employers @see have long recognised the importance of family-oriented human resources policies and support their employees in balancing work and family life successfully.

Excellent infrastructure

The entire @see region is well connected and Fürstenwalde enjoys a good reputation as a centre for education, culture and business in the Oder/Spree district.

High quality of life

@see offers everything you need for a comfortable life-work balance: the full range of education and training opportunities, excellent medical care, cultural institutions, a variety of sport and other leisure activities, attractive homes, plenty of shopping, and especially short distances.

A colourful mix of industries

The job opportunities @see are very diverse. In addition to large corporations such as Goodyear Dunlop, Bonava and EDEKA, the region is also home to many SMEs, including ASTOR, FRIKI, Reuther, Heyner and GOLEM. The labour market is seeing disproportionate growth in the fields of healthcare and tourism: Well-known providers of tourism services @see include AROSA and the Esplanade and leading hospitals in the region include the Helios Klinikum, the Median Klinik and the Oberbergklinik. @see is also home highly specialised companies like EEE Anlagenbau, AnaTox, Sensys and Eurofins, among others. In addition, the traditional trades are at home here, represented by the likes of Glaserei Ksink (glass) and Bäckerei & Konditorei Scharmer (baked goods). Find the job of your dreams by taking advantage of this industry mix and the way it strengthens our region’s economy.

Craft has an important place in the region’s economic fabric. Whether it is for private, for the professional or the tourism sector, good quality crafts are freely available.

Uwe Hoppe, Hauptgeschäftsführer Handwerkskammer Frankfurt (Oder)

Working in family-friendly companies

Children and careers are not a contradiction @see: there are many ways to combine both without lots of complications. An important advantage offered by @see is the wide range of childcare facilities: whether you need full-day care or just an hour or two, childcare facilities @see such as Die Waldfürsten offer cultural, musical and sports-oriented activities often in natural setting to ensure your child is never bored.

Another advantage @see is the family-friendly policies of most companies. For example, both Duktil Guss GmbH and the Helios Klinikum offer around-the-clock child care so that you can find the time to be both a parent and an employee and not have to put your career goals on the back burner. Other companies such as E.DIS offer flexible work hours and other arrangements to help you meet your responsibilities to both family and employer with ease.

The @see region is an attractive place to work for parents with kids. No matter at what point in your career, you can begin climbing the career ladder in a wide range of industries @see and meet your individual goals for advancement.