Want to do your body and mind good? Go swimming, jogging, or cycling, because sport is often the best medicine and it is never too late in life to get started with it. The @see region especially offers numerous sporting activities in, on and around the water.

Plenty of choices

Whether as a demanding sport, fitness for relaxation such as yoga, or waterfront activities for your physical and mental health, @see has a wide variety of ways to get active.

Modern & attractive sports facilities

The attractive indoor and outdoor facilities @see are available to recreational and competitive athletes year-round.

Individual clubs

@see not only offers the usual traditional sports, but also some very specific new challenges. Train with like-minded people and work together on your fitness whilst having fun.

Healthy and balanced with sport

Guard against the modern diseases of civilisation such as poor posture, high blood pressure and difficulty concentrating by getting out and moving. Even an extended walk during the day can do real wonders and improve your sense of mental balance and result in a healthier lifestyle. Whether as an individualist or a team player, whether outlandish, traditional or modern, @see offers a variety of sporting activities for you to choose from. First and foremost, aquatic sports, whether muscle-, wind- or motor-powered. But, of course, there are almost no limits to your other sporting choices.

Sport is good for everyone! Especially in our beautiful landscape in the district of Oder-Spree. We live here, where others vacation. Take advantage of the offers of around 240 sports clubs in Oder-Spree. The sports on offer include water sports in the most beautiful and most charming area of ??Brandenburg, attractive walking and cycling routes and much more”.,

Karin Lehmann, Geschäftsführerin Kreissportbund Oder-Spree

A wide range of ways to get active

If you have high-end tastes, you will want to check out the first 5-star superior golf course in German-speaking Europe. The 63-hole course is located at the A-Rosa Resort and offers golf lovers an unforgettable playing experience.

The A-Rosa Tennis Centre also offers the best conditions for the sport of kings, where you can choose from six indoor courts with indoor turf and six red clay courts outside.

You can pursue your sporting ambitions on your own or join one of the approximately 300 regional clubs. Here you will find the traditional sports and some very unique innovations.

For example, the reigning German champions in rubber boot throwing come Rauen @see. The @see region holds other championships such as the “1st Brandenburg Scottish Highland Sports Stone Walker Fürstenwalde eV “boast and dragon boat racing, which has roots here in Brandenburg.

Modern, well-maintained indoor as well as outdoor sports facilities are open to both recreational and competitive athletes. Top German athletes live @see at the National Training Centre in Kienbaum.

The @see region offers a variety of sports opportunities. For more information about sport @see, contact our partners: