Medical infrastructure

The @see region offers excellent medical infrastructure. In addition to the various facilities with spa, wellness and health care services, it also home to a considerable number of renowned rehabilitation clinics and hospitals.

Variety of medical providers

If you need emergency care, there is a wide range of competent medical care available @see. Our health care system is based on traditional doctors’ practices in all disciplines and highly specialised hospitals and respective clinics.

The latest technology and equipment

The hospitals and rehabilitation clinics @see are well equipped. The HELIOS Klinikum Bad Saarow has its own rescue helicopter and is ready to help in any emergency.

Specialized staff

The extremely high qualification of our doctors is part of what sets our region apart. In particular, the HELIOS Klinikum combines expertise with trusting and patient-oriented relationships and excellent medical and nursing care.

Specialised facilities

The Oberbergkliniken am Glubigsee in Wendisch Rietz and the Median Klinik am Werlsee in Grünheide are some of the leading specialists in all of Germany in acute care and rehabilitation services. Another focus of the region is also well-organised nursing care for the older generation.

Fast and effective treatments

@see offers outstanding medical care. At its core is the HELIOS Klinikum in Bad Saarow, an acute care hospital offering care for statutory and private insurance patients with approximately 1,000 employees and 571 beds. A DRF air rescue team is stationed here; it is also home to the East Brandenburg Cancer Centre, the Brandenburg Emergency Rescue School, and the Berlin-Brandenburg Academy of Health.

The wide range of healthcare is complemented by medical practices staffed by physicians in all disciplines. The former polyclinics now serve as modern medical centres or health centres offering a broad, modern and high-quality range of diagnostics, acute care, and post-treatment care.

The Brandenburg Health Association is responsible for outpatient medical care. People in the @see region have access to a stable structure of practices and clinics in case of illness. We are aware that we have an ageing population and the equally ageing doctors will provide a major challenge. That is why the Brandenburg Health Association is engaged in cooperation with the local communities, to find the best possible solutions.

Dr. Hans-Joachim Helming, Vorsitzender des Vorstandes der Kassenärztlichen Vereinigung Brandenburg

Medical and nursing education and training

The magnificent natural surroundings combined with the highly specialised hospital facilities is an ideal environment for the education and training the next generation of healthcare workers. The Medizin im Grünen centre in Wendisch Rietz draws physicians from around the world who come to learn, do research, and exchange experiences.

Another component of the medical infrastructure @see is the Korczak School, the state-certified school for social work in the state of Brandenburg run by the Fürstenwalde Samaritans. The Samaritans are not only a major employer, but also a major provider of church-based social services @see. People of all ages, with and without disabilities, have found a home @see. The AWO provides supports to people with different levels of disability.

The @see region offers a broad medical infrastructure and the best conditions for health care. For more information, check out the following pages: