Stability. Innovation. Success.

Are you a business looking for an optimal location or a creative environment for research and development? Are you a specialist seeking a new professional challenge? @see offers the ideal conditions for establishing and expanding your business and career with great prospects for the future. 

Companies & partners

Want a region with committed business partners you can rely on? Region-wide cooperation and networking are standard practice @see. More


As part of the Berlin-Brandenburg metropolitan region, @see offers convenient connections in every direction. More

Launching start-ups

@see is becoming known as the place for successful business start-ups. More

Business @see

Discover @see as an attractive location for your business. For example, the @see region has more than 20 industrial and commercial parks. More

Invest @see

Want to invest in the region for the long term? @see is an excellent location with great promise. More

Ready for the future

With an excellent location on international transport corridors, an extraordinarily qualified work force, favourable cost structures, and a sophisticated business network, @see is becoming the insider tip for future-oriented investors and companies.

The region offers a wide selection of commercial and industrial spaces well connected to regional, national, and international infrastructure, paired with favourable cost structures and an interesting assortment of high-performance, innovative companies ready to be your business partner or employer. @see combines all the strengths under one roof.

Regional centre for growth

The city of Fürstenwalde, as the economic centre @see, receives particular support from the state of Brandenburg as a regional centre for growth. Many renowned companies, both German and international, already make their home @see. Both small, highly innovative start-ups and traditional industrial companies are important for the region. Together they create a healthy mix for a strong regional economy.

Diverse industries

Doing business @see are companies in the automotive, energy, plastics/chemical, metal, logistics, health care and tourism industries. Their economic success depends on having the appropriate infrastructure in place and a well-qualified workforce, both of which are outstanding @see. For the competitiveness and sustainability of @see as a centre for business, government authorities, companies, trade associations, chambers, and other organisations work together closely.

Companies and investors receive support @see from authorities that are focused on business and finding fast, pragmatic solutions. Check out the potential @see for yourself.