A central connection is good for business and that’s what @see delivers: as part of the Berlin-Brandenburg metropolitan region, @see scores with entrepreneurs, business partners, and professionals with convenient connections to and from the region.

A market for your goods and services right outside your door

Easy access to Berlin opens up a flourishing, reliable, regional market for your products and services.

The Autobahn’s now even better

The direct connection to the A12 (European route E30) ensures fast and direct connections to regional, national, and international markets thanks to the newly (re)built motorways to central Berlin and other major interchanges. The six-lane A10 motorway around Berlin stands just at the western edge of our region.

Navigable waterways

The Oder-Spree Canal makes it possible to transport goods to and from the region by water. The federal waterway system can take your freight by ship on the entire of European waterway system to ports on the North and Baltic Seas.

Outstanding infrastructure

The @see region is optimally linked to the rest of Europe and the world by rail, highway, air, and water.

International rail lines

The line with multiple tracks carrying international express trains is the most important railway in the region. The trains reach speeds of up to 160 km/hr. as they travel from Paris to Berlin and Frankfurt (Oder) and on to Warsaw and Moscow.

A new airport for Berlin-Brandenburg

The nearby Berlin-Brandenburg airport (BER) will soon open with its excellent transport connections and become the region’s gateway to the world, a role currently fulfilled by the smaller Schönefeld Airport (SXF) adjacent. The airport is just a few minutes’ drive from @see on the region’s extensive network of highways.

Great connections represent a major benefit for your business

Europe is crossed with waterway, motorway, and railway connections, especially along the central line from Paris to Berlin and then on to Warsaw and Moscow. This pan-European corridor (PEC II) runs from west to east straight through our region and gives you easy access to the entire continent and beyond. Many important transport hubs are easily reached from here, including the ports of Mukran, Szczecin, Rostock and Hamburg, the freight airport in Leipzig, and even Warsaw.

When it opens in the near future, the Berlin-Brandenburg International Airport will be one of the largest airports in Europe and will be the economic engine for the entire region. Many companies in logistics and other services are already setting up shop around the future airport.

A great advantage of our region: @see is well connected: Regional. National. International. By road. By rail. By water. By air. And of course over the web.

Christfried Tschepe, Fachbereichsleiter Stadtentwicklung, Fürstenwalde

In close proximity to Berlin

As part of the Berlin-Brandenburg metropolitan region, your company benefits from the close proximity of the German capital Berlin, its international reputation as a centre for conventions and trade shows, and its extensive university and research facilities. The proximity to Berlin and potential business partners in and around the German capital ensure a reliable, regional market for your products and services

The short distances to Berlin and other nearby cities makes the @see region an attractive place for the highly skilled graduates and workers from the city and the region to seek jobs and settle down. The Regional Express 1 train runs every half hour from central Berlin and reaches Fürstenwalde in just 45 minutes. Bad Saarow, Storkow and Wendisch Rietz also have rail connections. These connections are supplemented with public transport buses.

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