Individual education

The @ see region offers ideal training opportunities for the individual development of your children. This includes the offerings for pre-school childcare as well as schooling, vocational and non-formal education and training. This is also reflected in the municipalities’ commitment to offering events that promote a positive outlook and educational and professional opportunities

A number of independent organisations

In addition to a well-developed state education system, the region has a number of educational opportunities from independent organisations that are tailored to your children’s individual needs and interests.

Connecting school and business

The Oder-Spree Upper Secondary School in Palmnicken is one of the largest and most modern educational centres in the state. Located in an idyllic location on the edge of Fürstenwalde, the school focuses on a close integration of theory and practice. The teachers’ high level of expertise and the practical training they offer has already earned the school nationwide recognition for some of its courses. The school has also recently opened a modern youth guesthouse near the rail station.

The right care for your child: from kindergarten and primary to high school and beyond

Local stakeholders, especially the Oder-Spree District Association for Child Care, Education and the Economy, have built a network designed to make connections between educational institutions at all levels and regional companies from an early stage in a child’s education.

The Berhardinum is the only Catholic school in the state of Brandenburg and the Freie Oberschule Fürstenwalde operated by the Rahn Dittrich Group and the Docemus-Schule offer private education in all grade levels. Other free education approaches for younger students are offered, for example, by the free Montessori primary school in Hangelsberg.

Individuality and personality are promoted through the many options in our @see communities. In 2005, we established the school economy working group, which then became the “Kita-Schule-Wirtschaft im Lnadkreis Oder-Spree” e.V. in 2008. Our goal is to find new career and study orientation methods to inspire children, youth, educators and entrepreneurs for joint projects and to help students find success with the companies in our @see region.

Elisabeth Alter, Vorsitzende des Vereines „Kita-Schule-Wirtschaft im Landkreis Oder-Spree“ e. V.

Vocational training with a future

There are also private providers of vocational training in the @see region that complement the programmes offered by the state. The regional training exchange was a state pilot programme centred in Fürstenwalde that has since become a permanent fixture in the calendar of many young people, parents, and teachers. This is a fine opportunity for you and your children to experience the development opportunities for their future careers and to make initial contacts with prospective employers in the region.

@see offers numerous training opportunities for future professionals. Finally, there are numerous post-secondary options in and around the region, including universities in Wildau, Berlin, Potsdam, Frankfurt (Oder), and Cottbus.

There is nothing to stand in the way of educational and professional success for you and your family in the @see region.