Invest @see

Want to invest in the region for the long term? @see is an outstanding business location with lots of promise and is ready to serve as a reliable service provider and cooperative partner for your business.

Optimal logistics location

The commercial spaces on offered already have planning approval and offer some of the best conditions for moving your business @see. 85% of Fürstenwalde companies surveyed would recommend investing in the @see region to their business partners.

Highest funding levels in Germany

Entrepreneurs ready to make an invest @see obtain the optimal conditions to realise their projects. The region offers a variety of individual funding opportunities to promote your business’s growth and competitiveness.

Exemplary infrastructure

@see provides what you need with a well-developed transport network, affordable utilities and waste disposal facilities, and a broad communication network.

Unique place to live and work

The area has much to offer you and your employees. In addition to a wide range of housing options, various child care choices, and education and training opportunities for all, @see is also known for its excellent access to healthcare. If you take a closer look @see, you’ll find a truly attractive place to live and work.

Invest in the future

The @see region has approx. 700 hectares of land zoned as industrial and commercial areas that are home to a wide range of industries, well-developed infrastructure, and helpful business networks that make @see a truly attractive business location. Thanks to the comparatively affordable costs of doing business @see, including the costs for building land, commercial space, and taxes, your business will enjoy the best conditions for a successful resettlement or expansion @see. In addition, the state of Brandenburg offers generous funding opportunities and conditions to promote the region’s economic development.

The proximity to excellent university and research facilities also offer the best opportunities for future growth. Several measures to secure a skilled workforce for the future and further development of regional marketing have already been successfully implemented in close cooperation with the Technical University of Wildau, BTU Cottbus-Senftenberg, and Viadrina University in Frankfurt (Oder).

The Oder-Spree region is an attractive investment location. You can work well and live perfectly here. We are glad that @see reinforces this positivity. Together with the economic development agencies in the county and cities, this helps us to further promote the marketing of the region.

Dr. Steffen Kammradt, Geschäftsführer der ZukunftsAgentur Brandenburg

Personally involved

The companies already @see enjoy excellent reputations both within Germany and abroad in a truly diverse range of fields and offer open networking opportunities to the manufacturing, commercial and service sectors.

Also particularly worth noting is the positive involvement of local and state authorities in promoting the region’s economy. We are, of course, proud of this work and remain committed for the foreseeable future. You will be amazed with the level of personal commitment with which we handle your enquiries and concerns @see.

@see is ready: are you? Take advantage of our potential in close proximity to the city of Berlin and the countries of Eastern Europe. For more information on successful investing in the region, please contact our partner:

the East Brandenburg Economic Development Corporation