The region offers almost every option to make your dream home a reality. Whether they live in a house or apartment, rent or own, some 65,000 people make their home @see, 32,000 of whom live in the regional centre of Fürstenwalde.

Affordable cost of living

Compared to other regions in Germany and Europe, the cost of living @see is significantly below the average. Rent, food, and leisure activities are all quite affordable for residents.

Excellent transport links

In the region, you are well connected in all ways. Whether you travel by car, plane, boat or train: @see has good roads and is quickly reachable via the full range of transport options.

Lots of fun ways to spend your time off

Relax after work with the extensive spa and leisure activities @see. The entire region offers so many ways to relax and have fun in, on, and around the water.

Extensive medical infrastructure

@see has truly outstanding healthcare offerings, including renowned rehabilitation clinics and hospitals to take of any health needs.

Professional child care

@see offers an outstanding range child care options for families to meet any individual needs.

Life in a holiday area

@see is not only ideal for a family holiday, but it also has a lot to offer locals both in and out of season. So why not live where others travel to go on holiday? Enjoy the healthy, fresh air, the beautiful nature, and the wide range of cultural activities and other things to do 365 days a year.

You can find your dream home anywhere @see, be it Storkow, Grünheide, Wendisch Rietz or Fürstenwalde, ranging from affordable rentals to owner-occupied apartments on the Spree to old town houses, city centre lofts, and lakeside cottages.

There are beautiful places to love throughout the region. How about Storkower lake or the canal, the old town or the countryside? The city of Storkow (Mark) already has many residential areas. Or maybe you want to realise a dream and build on your own terms? Our charming little town offers many possibilities for this. Come and discover it for yourself and talk to us.

Cornelia Schulze-Ludwig, Bürgermeisterin der Stadt Storkow (Mark)

Custom build

And, if you want to build your own new home, our towns offer well-connected building land on favourable terms. In this case, it’s definitely worthwhile speaking with our partners to find out about special financing and funding conditions.

Also worth mentioning: the largest developer in Germany, Bonava, is headquartered here in Fürstenwalde.

Want to live in the @see holiday region? Find out more from our partners about your options to begin your dream of living on holiday year-round @see.