Slowing down

The @see holiday district is home to striking natural scenery in every season. Our lakes offers the ideal backdrop for taking a pause and deliberately slowing down.

Everyday life tends to develop a momentum of its own, often characterised as hectic and hurried. The quest for efficiency and the prevailing pressure to perform are not so easy to switch off when it’s time to leave work. That’s why it’s so important to counter this predominant acceleration of life with a conscious slowing down. Slowing down, though, is not so much about “being slow”; instead, it’s much more about taking each moment as it comes with equanimity and mindfulness. An initial step in the right direction is a holiday where you consciously choose to slow down and relax. And the @see region offer the optimal conditions for just that.

Slowing down on holiday

What this could mean for you: fresh air, pristine nature, and a wide range of cultural and leisure offerings that are best taken slowly.

A fast start to slowing down

Thankfully, making your way to the @see region is fast and convenient, making even a day trip or short weekend readily possible.

Extensive wellness offerings

@see offers numerous certified wellness providers and fitness facilities including the most beautiful spa in Brandenburg, the Bad Saarow saltwater and mud springs, the leisure park at Wendisch Rietz, and the Alt Madlitz Wellness Centre.

A wide range of options for holidays on water and in nature

Swimming, fishing, boating, and aquatic sport

A great way to slow down and relax is on an outing along the Scharmützelsee, the Glubigsee, or the River Spree, perhaps even heading to Berlin’s extensive waterways, too. Whether you’d like to hike, bike, go boating, or go fishing, you will find several options to choose from. There are several hiking and cycling trails around the two major lakes that offer an idyllic atmosphere. There is also a sailing and windsurfing school located nearby. So set your spirit free and let your mind wander and the hustle and bustle of everyday life will disappear all on its own.

Other highlights like the Dahme Heideseen Nature Park, is a ideal places for relaxing surrounded by complete tranquillity in a stunning landscape. Walk the nature experience trail at Groß Schauener See or observe the numerous animal and plant species that make their home here. Go to the Fischerei Köllnitz, a fish hatchery that’s also home to a small art gallery and show ponds, as well as offering fresh fish for sale and on-site dining options.

Slowing down in the @see region means forest, water, space, clean air, soothing tranquility and effervescent mineral springs. The region east of Berlin maintains a rich spa and bathing tradition. “Enjoying nature” on a canoe trip on the Märkischen Umfahrt or the Osprey Watch in the Sielmann Nature Park helps you forget everyday life”.

Ellen Rußig, Geschäftsführerin Tourismusverband Seenland Oder-Spree e.V.

Culture and art @see

If art and culture are a part of any perfect holiday, then you will find numerous offers @see. Whether you attend a performance at Theater am See Bad Saarow or the Kulturfabrik in Fürstenwalde, check out the Fürstenwald Cathedral, or take an excursion to Storkow Castle, there are plenty of options to choose from. The region is also home to galleries and museums that host a number of exhibitions on various themes.

Your dream of a beautiful, relaxed holiday will come true @see. More information can be found on the websites of the Tourismusverband Seenland Oder-Spree, and Tourismusverein Scharmützelsee.