Are you and your family moving to @see? We warmly welcome you and especially your children. We place a major emphasis on helping you balance your parenting and work responsibilities. Almost every child who needs childcare in the @see region will have a choice of care options.

Personal and individual

Taking care of your children is very important to us, which is why we offer different methods the best suit your child from the Montessori Primary School in Hangelsberg to the Bernhardium in Fürstenwalde, the only Catholic school in Brandenburg.

Exemplary infrastructure

Move along the many water, hiking, biking or horseback trails. together with a considerable number of ancient paths through the forest and user-friendly modern trails, your hike can become a real adventure. Nature lovers will enjoy the Märkische Umfahrt, a unique circular route along the Dahme and Spree rivers.

Lots of things to do in your free time

Whether culture, sport, music or nature: your children will have their choice of a wide range of things to do in their free time that help build on their strengths. For example, you might visit the Irrlandia adventure park in Storkow, the Scharmützelbob summer toboggan, the Fürstenwalde Zoo, or courses at Brandenburg’s largest ceramics workshop in Fürstenwalde or at Kulturverein Nord.

Child care at the highest level

The @see region boasts an incredible number of natural, cultural and sporting opportunities. The region is also home to schools that are church-operated and those that follow specific pedagogic methods. Childcare can be arranged on a full-day or hourly basis, as you wish.

These options are complemented with a variety of recreational activities, including clubs and associations that tailor their offerings to their youngest members. Whether you’d like to promote your child’s musical, sporting, cultural or academic talent or are just looking for something meaningful to do during their time off, younger and older children have plenty of options to try out.

Every teacher at our nursery respects children in terms of their progress and development. And considering what kids like to do, they develop in the appropriate functional areas with us. Here, learning games are very important to us. The Storkow European School is a close contact – their future schoolchildren can attend taster classes.

Bettina Schulze-Schwerdtfeger , Leiterin Altstadtkita Storkow

Many local authorities offer services tailored to young parents, such as a new-born welcome service. Here you will find all of the information and assistance you might require for your child’s first year of life. The local family support organisations are especially prepared to help you and have a wide network of support services to offer.

The @see region welcomes newcomers, young or old. Under individual education you can find further information about the educational opportunities in the area.