Companies and partners

Want a region with committed business partners you can rely on? Networking is the magic word for getting the attention of promising companies and partners. Region-wide cooperation and networking are standard practice @see.

Diverse industries

Companies from various sectors have made @see their home and offer a multitude of possibilities for business partnerships or taking your career to the next level.

Collaborating to get your career moving

The region is very closely linked with the Berlin labour market. Municipalities, educational institutions, companies and partners work closely together in networks to offer graduates and the next generation interesting career prospects.

Different levels of networking

The spectrum ranges from the inter-municipal cooperation among government authorities, businesses working together to promote the region’s economy, and networks for volunteering and citizen activism.

Excellent networking

Entrepreneurs @see have very specific interests, but also have  shared enthusiasm in the big picture, this is shown in the relevant networks and different industries present here. The best example is the work done by the entire region to promote the @see brand.

Many companies @see maintain their own research and development departments, one third also cooperate with universities and academic institutions and have intensive contacts with scientific research institutions in Brandenburg and Berlin. Networking with the neighbouring Polish regions is also becoming increasingly important, especially in terms of its labour force potential.

The particular strength of @see is the constructive cooperation of creative and competent people from citizenship, business and administration. As business developers, we can find a successful cooperation for any contact problem in the region. The proximity to the metropolis of Berlin with its innovative, economic and cultural potential provides further impetus for innovation and employment.

Peter Müller, Geschäftsführer Ostbrandenburgische  Wirtschaftsförderungsgesellschaft mbH

Ready for the future

More and more networks are devoted to the issues of environmentally sound and sustainable development, which affects work-life balance and the promotion of training and study skills among the next generation. This also helps secure a qualified workforce for the region’s industries.

At the state level, the work is supported in industry networks and the creation of clusters to promote qualifications in growing and competitive industries.

Key players in the region include the East Brandenburg Economic Development Corporation and the Tourismusverband Seenland Oder-Spree e. V., a tourism marketing association to which almost every service provider in the region belongs.

Are you interested in a powerful and helpful network? Other active companies and partners can be found listed here: